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The Blues Emergency is a renegade band of misfits channeling original music that is stylistically and sonically fitting for the ears of your mama and her misbehaving posse. Their sound is hard, cranked up, blues-rock infused with the elements of stoner-rock and psychedelia. Socially conscious lyrics, hard hitting guitar riffs, coupled with raspy vocals - the band packs a punch.

THE TORONTO BAND consists of Andy du rego (vocals), Emir Halilovic (guitar),  John Anthony Brand (bass), & marshall baglieri (drums).  

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 2023 has brought a new wave of creativity to the band. Their latest high-energy single, “A Love Revolution” has been featured on 94.9 The Rock’s Generation Next and received great reviews on 102.1 The Edge, Spill Magazine, and other music review sites worldwide accompanied by a music video by up-and-coming filmmaker Vincenzo Buggea. The Blues Emergency was also awarded the Rising Sun Award at the 2023 Gussapolooza Music Festival, an award given to recognize a band who judges felt would shape the future of the industry and inspire generations to come

The Blues Emergency released their debut album, "The Machine", in 2017. The album showcases 8 original songs and one Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers cover tune, "Good Enough". The music that was recorded is not for the faint of heart.  It contains tunes of epic proportions, with impressive guitar work, super tight rhythm section, powerful vocals and sharp political message. It was recorded the old-school way, live off-the-floor and without the use of a click track.    

It all started as a bluesy jam TRIO making some noise at the rehearsal studios near Cherry beach, Toronto WITH MEMBERS JOHN BRAND,  EMIR HALILOVIC & former drummer, MILAN Pejcic. Initially, the band had no singer but that didn’t stop them from playing music, exploring new sounds, improvising, and honing their craft.  

wanting to elevate their game, the trio decided to put an ad out to recruit a singer and found vocalist andy du rego. The energy, vibe and connection during the first jam felt organic, genuine, and real. The blues emergency was born.   

 Soon after, the outfit started gigging, playing in & around the local Toronto scene, and finding a home at the legendary Silver Dollar Room. The band’s most notable appearance included opening for Toronto’s very own powerhouse, Philip Sayce. The band entered edadic studios to begin recording their debut album "The Machine".

AFTER recordING "THE MACHINE" The band ceased playing as a unit, EACH MEMBER PURSUING NEW ENDEAVOURS. Andy continued his solo recording project Black Suit Devil, while the trio of John, Emir and Milan performed as instrumental power trio under JEM Konnection and as bandmates of another outfit, Royalty & De Kingsmen.  

THOUGH Their debut album "the Machine" was not supported by any marketing or EXTENSIVE promo, IT GAINED FAST TRACTION IN 2022 WORLDWIDE ON YOUTUBE.  The ALBUM made a mark overseas in Europe and garnered A CULT following. With some 50,000+ streams across various YouTube channels. a local radio station show out of Hamilton, No Hope No Fear 93.3 FM, invited the band for an interview in March 2022. The support from the fans and their demand for the music re-energized the band. WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF A NEW DRUMMER,  The Blues Emergency is currently working on another album and is rehearsing for upcoming festival appearances.


Single, 2023

"I love a song that when you’re done listening to it, you feel like you need a shower. That’s normal right? What I’m getting at is, if you like your rock music dirty - grab some soap & a loofa sponge and dig into this band. That’s not to say The Blues Emergency is one dimensional, they are most certainly not.  Elements of Classic, & the best stoner rock as well as hard living Blues are all over this thing. With socially conscious lyrics & a piercing delivery by vocalist Andy Du Rego, you feel like you’re at a concert at the Rose Bowl circa 1975 with 70,000 of your best friends, your Trans Am parked in the lot, and even kites are jealous of how high you are. The band digs in hard on guitar riffage and the rhythm section is as tight as it gets. I don’t know about you, but I’m calling for an ambulance and getting myself to the next Blues Emergency show, you can do that right?”

- Christian Tanna  | 94.9 The Rock Fm - Generation Next


"Toronto band The Blues Emergency released a strong new track. This is the first single the band has put out since their debut album back in 2017. A Love Revolution is another addition to their crashing and impactful discography. The track immediately grabs you with bold riffs and holds you in a tight grip while keeping you grounded. A Love Revolution keeps you charging forward through the rhythm. The song is a “statement of love, unity, and peaceful protest” the group said in a press release. The rough gravel in the vocals are meticulously planted to bring the maximum impact to each line delivered. A Love Revolution continues to stomp forward and there is no stopping it."

- Octavia Allison | 102.1 The Edge  MNTV


"The opening to “A Love Revolution” is infused with a wonderful and heavy guitar riff and the bass and drums match the heaviness perfectly, but what intrigues me the most are Andy’s vocals. His vocals are a mix of every rock and blues vocalist, yet uniquely his own. It’s the edgy rasp to his vocals that are captivating. At moments, he reminds me of one of my favourite vocalists, Stephen Shareaux (Kik Tracee, Zen from Mars) and at other moments his vocals remind me of the late Scott Weiland.

“A Love Revolution” is not merely a song; it’s an electrifying anthem of change and an infectious rally cry for peaceful dissent. It just so happens to be in the disguise of a high-octane musical adrenaline rush that demands maximum volume."

- Sheila Taylor  | Amplify the Noise 


Photo Credit: Dropout Entertainment

"The release of "A Love Revolution" is exciting for the fans who have been eagerly waiting for new material from The Blues Emergency."


- Andres Schiffino  | Death Moth Press



Album, 2017

"‘I’m Alright’ shows ‘The Machine’ raging on, or is it Rage Against the Machine?  Certainly sounds like the kind of song that Tom Morello and Co would be proud of.  There’s a nice change of pace with ‘Strange World’ which has a Dire Straits feel to it, and ‘Good Enough’ sounds like a Tom Petty song.  Oh, actually it is.  Then there’s title track ‘The Machine’, quite simply Pink Floyd with rasping vocals.

With so many influences it would be easy to create a muddled and imprecise sound, but to The Blues Emergency’s credit this is a coherent and polished album, rooted in the Blues and the sound of 1970s Southern Rock.  Bands such as Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynyrd may have started the craze, but The Blues Emergency are worthy standard bearers for this noble rock.  So, well done to The Blues Emergency for producing such a fine album.  Shine on you crazy diamonds.  "

- Richard Lee | Make it Loud

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